Sunday, November 2, 2008

Corbin's new little TV

Bill's dad was getting rid of a TV, so we said sure we can always use another TV. When I found out how little it was I was so excited because I have always wanted a TV for the floor, for when he is playing on his tummy & sitting, so he doesn't have to look up, it makes him exensor tone kick in really bad.

Well the new TV works great.

Today when I had him on his tummy he hardly pushed/wiggled at all & this afternoon I had him on his knees (sitting on his heels) & his arms on the floor & he was doing so amazing, he was balancing well & when I would say whoa your falling he would giggle & he would push a little to help try to catch himself (which he NEVER used to do).

If I had someone to help keep his attention, while doing these activities, I wouldn't have to use a TV LOL but it's working VERY nicely.

Caradie & Corbin

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