Friday, November 21, 2008

More practice w/a spoon

Updating with videos to the blog takes to much time for tonight so please check out

Corb has been practicing eating pudding with his teacher every Tues & he totally knows what to do, it's just his hands/arms don't do what he wants them to do but he's trying sooooo hard.

As you will see I got some scraps of carpet that I patched together to make a softer spot for Corb to play & he loves it. He also loves his new toy rack.

Corb also got a walker he gets to try out for a few weeks. I won't be posting the videos of him in it until I get many days first. I will need proof that he will be able to use it for medical assistance. It's only been two days & he's AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!

Caradie & Corbin

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Amy said...

Oh yay, what kind is it? Can I buy his old rifton one for Emma if it isn't a loaner.