Saturday, July 11, 2009

Still don't know

Corb vomited all day yesterday, slept for 2hours and was very blah. Today he has begun jumping again in fear and pain but I think that's tummy issues. So since he hasn't been vomiting today I decided it was time to come home, so we're home. We still have no idea what's wrong but I was sick of being there and on a weekend you don't find anything out anyway, if he starts vomiting again I will just bring him back. UGH!!! but for now he's hanging out watching his cartoons.

Thank you everyone for your support

Caradie and Corbin


nanci said...

Dear Caradie, I am so sorry to be a pain in the butt, but did they check his bowels?? I understand some of this could be from turning down the baclofen pump, but just have been wondering about his bowels. Has he been having normal bm's??? Is Corbie having blood in his urine still? I am still praying for you.....

Kalena said...

Hey Caradie
I am praying big time for Corbin I hope he gets better soon. Just out of curiosity did they check for kidney stone or a kidney infect. I am dealing with that now and have blod inmy urine and fever and sick. Also i was thinking maybe he has a slight allergy to the pump, I mean it would not have to be a anpheltic allegy but what about a mild reaction?
Praying for Corbin

Kalena and Family

Anonymous said...

Hoping that Corbin feels better soon and that you get to the bottom of this. -Kate