Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fair day.

I added videos of today's trip to the fair. This is the first time we all went some where together. Corb was a bit nervous, especially with the animals (you will see in the videos) but over all he was such a good boy.

Little story about a mouse in the shoe LOL

Noah's shoes were outside, he brought them in to wash them up and while he was at the sink, he felt the shoe move and out popped a mouse, it ran across his hand and fell off the counter. We ALL including 3 of the cats where chasing this little mouse through the house trying to catch it. Honestly I ain't afraid of really anything but whoa did I scream like a girl when it came towards me LOL Bill finally caught it in the bathroom and we watched him try to run through the grass. He was a pretty scared little mouse.

Caradie and Corbin

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Kalena said...

Aww mouse in hte shoe. Thats cute LOL.
I am glad you went to the fair Corbin must be doing better then. Well going to watch the videos now.
Have a good one :)
Kalena and Family