Thursday, July 16, 2009


I'm trying to get things organized but my computer is crap lol. For some reason I can't get videos to upload here, unless I added them to one true media first. For now check out dropshots 7-16-09 update

Caradie and Corbin

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nanci said...

Hi Caradie and Corbin! These thoughts of mine tonight may seem a bit far fetched, but this is what I am thinking. Does Corbin ever get yogurt with the active cultures to try to help the bacteria in his intestines? And as far as his fluid intake, do you ever give him juices like apple or prune that may help with his bowel movements?? I would look back on your updates to see, but my computer is acting up and I am lucky to do this much. And my last thought is...have you tried sitting Corbie up on a commode or potty chair when you KNOW he is probably going to poop? (like after the suppository). I know you would have to strap him in somehow, but they must have pediatric commodes (don't they??) That way he could use his legs to push down, and use gravity to poop. Now that I have said this, gonna look at some online medical places to see. Good luck!! Give that sweetie a big kiss for me....nanci