Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Little update(s)

Fundraiser: Postponed until the Extreme makeover announces who is chosen this time. If it's us, well....we really won't need to have one.

Job: Bill got a temporary full time job with the census. It's been really nice to have a routine of him leaving at 8:15. When daddy is here we don't get as much done.

Therapy: Now Corb has no therapy again!

Colleges: Corb and I do still go to the PT clinic at Lake Superior College and the OT clinic at St. Scholastica. The kids are great but it was really nice having experienced therapists.

Bed: I decided it was time for Corb to have a hospital bed and honestly I didn't ever think MA would approve it but they did but it's HUGE. I'm not totally sure what to do.....

Moving rooms: I moved the couch into Corb's room and moved his bed over so I could add another shelf. Now there's no way that bed will fit in that spot. I'll figure something out but for now I can't even get to the therapy table :-( but I still do exercises with him on his bed.

Stander: Not sure where I'm going to put it lol but we are getting a stander to borrow. It should be in town around the 27th then I can go pick it up.

Potty/shower chair: It's a long story but for the short version, Corb almost never goes potty when he don't have a disposable chuk pad on (it's his blue thing, I put them on him like a diaper) So I got a hold of Kirsten from National seating and mobility she's the WI MA PA guru. She sent me a list of seats that MA has covered in the past. And instead of getting one that might not work, I asked if there was a way to have a trial first and it's so awesome some companies will do that. I really think if we find the right seat that don't scare or hurt him he can learn to potty (poo at least) in a potty chair.

Gait trainer: Kirsten and I are also starting the process of getting a trial of a walker, we just need a therapist. At least we only need a therapist to do an eval, we don't actually have to HAVE a therapist.

Botox: I have spoke with many Doctors about Botoxing Corb's jaw to help with the weird mouth opening problem he has. Dr. Trombino is Corb's normal Botox doc but there is no ENT (ears nose throat) willing to help her so Dr. Murphy (yeah he's back safely from Irac), is having us go to the ENT he uses, for a consult. Then we will all decide together where the Botox will work the best for Corb. I'm excited because we have been talking about also doing the muscles in the back of the neck, the trapezius and the triceps.

PCW's: Things are going so much better since I stopped having the company find me people. I interviewed a girl (Mandy), she went in and got hired, had the training-in day today and she starts next Mon. Sarah and her are working on their schedules together. It's so nice having Sarah back she helps take care of things so I don't have to try to remember everything lol. It's so helpful to have someone that know you and understands you so much that their always one step ahead of you. I hate workers that just stand there until I tell them what to do next UGH!!!

Reaching: OMGoodness Corb loves he's new ability. He touches everything lol. Like tonight he knocked my whole plate of supper on the floor lol

Jak: Things weren't going well with Jak. I even called the shelter to see what to do. He was starting to get a bit aggressive and the play biting was out of control and the damn chasing his tail, you know how annoying that sound is all day long lol. But....the best $32 thing I ever bought in my life has changed things a LOT. It's called a gentle leader, it's the most amazing tool. I will just get a video of it but with it on he behaves instantly.

Anyway this took me two hours, I'm off to bed.

Caradie and Corbin

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