Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Worse then better

I called the doctors office & made an apt for Tuesday @ 4:00pm just in case he was still having a hard time. Well things with him got a LOT worse.

He was pushing very hard all day,

And crying a LOT

And then to top it all off the night was crazy bad.

Again he had a very hard time falling asleep & again every time I moved he would wake up screaming. I finally got him to stay sleeping but then he was back awake at 12:00am

Tuesday: Considering he had only about 3 hours of sleep, he was in a pretty good mood. He was awake all day until around 3:30pm when he fell asleep for about 15Min's in the van on the way to the doctors office.

But now for the good news the doctor & I came to the conclusion that he just had to much stool in him & it was making him uncomfortable, so when we got home I gave him a full cap of Miralax & at potty time he went a LOT. At around 8:00pm he went to sleep pretty good.

And well, guess what, he slept ALL night & I even had to wake him this morning at 8:00am to get out morning started.

He's seeming to be in good mood but I had an appointment this morning so I haven't been with him much YET.

Off I go to go play/work with him.

Caradie & Corbin

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