Thursday, February 16, 2012

First Wal-Mart outing in the stroller and low tech eye gaze

We had to air up the stroller tires….watch Corb’s face expressions, he’s so FUNNY….I spend every day, all day looking at him: I know every look, every sound and every move 

So happy to be at Wal-Mart 
He was so nice and comfy in his red chair stroller (everyone loved it too :-D lol)

After Wal-Mart

I was showing Corb this Sponge Bob balloon in the store and his tracking was 
Soooo fast (I almost couldn’t believe it) we asked Daddy if it was on clearance could we have it….$1.50 SOLD….I had the string wrapped around his arm/fingers he was so interested, he laid on his bed forever without any crazy movements or gagging LOL

I spent so much time and energy into the Dynavox EyeMax that I slacked on the picture cards I started making (was hoping we didn’t need them, was hoping that he could just use the device) but anyway, all I did was find pics on-line of his fav cartoons and took pics of real stuff from home and pasted the pics to index cards and laminated them with ”Duck Tape” Laminate shelf liner paper and then I used a piece of Plexi-Glass with Velcro strips (each side has Velcro, the soft stuff on side and the rough on the other)

Ok so now to the AMAZING part, (please keep in mind, we have NEVER went over these new cards yet), tonight right before bed we played with the new cards….7 out of the 8 times, he picked the right picture….so cute, the one he got wrong, when I said no that’s Sandy, not whoever it was, he chuckled

PLEASE-o-PLEASE let him understand what pics are and to be able to make the right choice each time Please!

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