Thursday, February 9, 2012

Do with what you have!

Corbin's wheelchair is very dangerous for him and since the seating rep won't call me back about our Rover Stroller prior authorization....I decided to deal with it myself

Sooooo....I used the Rover Stroller frame that was donated to Corb back when someone stole the little wheelchair from the yard....the chair that it comes with it, is WAY to I found a way to jimmy rig his red chair to the frame :-D  

(please excuse the messy floor, duck tape is actually hard to work with lol)

Rover Stroller-drilling
 Rover Stroller-bolting
 Rover Stroller-bolted
 Rover Stroller-totally done 1
 Rover Stroller-Totally done 2 
(the buckle is to hold the frame closed for easy storage) 
 Rover Stroller-totally done 3
 Rover Stroller-Coloring w-Duck tape 1 (I'm the Duck Tape Queen)
 Rover Stroller-Coloring w-Duck tape 2
Rover Stroller-Left arm padding
(arm rests are swimming floaties, zip tied to the frame)
 Rover Stroller-Right arm padding
Rover Stroller-Heal padding
 Rover Stroller-just chill'in 1
 Rover Stroller-just a chill'in 2
 Rover Stroller-just a spaz'in
 Rover Stroller-Just a chill'in watching Sponge Bob
 Rover Stroller-Done
  Rover stroller-Safty buckle on red chair 1
(this buckle is to secure the red chair to the frame)
  Rover stroller-Safty buckle on red chair 2

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Anonymous said...

Caradie you have outdone even Macgyver with this masterpiece. Well done. How fun to have patterned Duct tape it looks great.