Wednesday, July 20, 2011

There’s a lot been going on

To start off we had a devastating blow….our Hard Drive crashed and I lost 7yrs of hard work and dedication….I’ve cried many tears over this.

Now to the good stuff
I have been working on getting equipment/stuff with Corb’s Waiver (now that we have therapists things should go a little smoother). Some of the things are….a rover/stroller, gait trainer, a Dynavox eye gaze system, all sorts of switch toys and a few switches, books and maybe convert our van (that aint looking to promising though)

In-home Therapy
Meeting new people is very hard for me, I’m always home and for the most part I’m alone so I don’t have a whole lot of interaction with people *blushing* but….it’s been a few weeks with OT, PT and ST and I think things are going great (amazing story at the end) the therapists are very hopeful that they will get more then 10wks….me not so much, when ya been shot down as many times as I have…it’s hard to have much faith that Medicaid will approve more time….Corb is doing a great job and we’ll prove it!!!!

Not himself
Corbin is very loose, he’s still got movements that take over but he’s so very calm….sadly we’ve lost his pizazz, he’s just not himself :-( I’ll take the loose and calm but the Blah has gotta go! (I can't get videos to upload here....DropShots)

During therapy
Corb has been doing things I never thought possible, partly because he’s soooo Loose and Blah/Calm but….he’s reaching for things, sometimes on accident but a lot more are on purpose, he’s sitting nicely, he’s purposefully choosing more and more things, his finding what we ask him to find, is so fast now (even just a year ago his reaction time was much slower). All three therapists have got me cry’in, they all have said how much amazing potential he has!

Cute story about his comprehension….he now knows that burps and farts are funny

Doc appt
Some of you may remember Corb’s mouth was bleeding awhile back, well got him into the dentist and then the oral surgeon….next time he has Botox they will just put him all the way under (at the hospital) then they will do the Botox and the tooth extraction….I was so excited when the Oral Doc said they can do both at the same time….I’ll way take one sedation versus two any day!

With the acceptation of Noah we are all still thinking about moving to TX….(I kinda got cold feet)….never even been anywhere….just picking up and moving is a scary plan LOL

Baclofen pump (working or not working)
As ya all know, Corb is a very tight, ridge, hyper kind of kid….we were questioning if the pump is even working so at his next refill, the Doc is going to have to give him an extra pokie, to do a catheter port access study….we have been talking about decreasing his dose to see if it does anything but…….now with him being so super loose I’m not sure what to think….maybe it wasn’t working, then at the last refill, it started working….I don’t know!

Now hold on tight, you’ll never believe this
Corbin’s outside wheelchair (it was a very old beat up one) was stolen right out of our back yard, also at least one bike (we have a pile lol)….well I e-mailed the Duluth News Tribune asking how much it would cost to place an ad, someone e-mailed me a price but later today someone else e-mailed me asking if they could put an ad in the “eh? Column”


Mr. Blue….I was messing around with my photo editor and with the right setting his eyes are an incredible shade of blue (he doesn't have a black eye, he just has dark circles)

New toy rack.... (I can't get videos to upload here....DropShots)

We have unique pets....Oliver (cat) and Jak (dog) like Smudge and Coco (guinea pigs)

Corbin’s aides has a new puppy….Meet Sally (again I can't get videos to upload here....DropShots)

Ok on to the amazing story
Corbin Lee sat on a pretend red horsy (bolster) very nicely, he pushed backwards some but….most of the time he was able to correct himself and here’s the most amazing part….he was even reaching for the switch at the same time.

I love him more then words can explain!

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