Thursday, July 21, 2011

Old and Very used

I need to explain the whole story….Corbin still has his personal wheelchair; the one stolen was just an old normal folding wheelchair, we used it to set Corbin’s feeding chair in, to move him through the house and to take him outside. This style of wheelchair was a perfect fit for his feeding chair.

We have received many calls from people offering to help; a very nice couple donated a wheelchair that is a perfect fit, we have had many wanting to donate their wheelchairs, we have also had people offering to purchase Corbin a brand new wheelchair, another lady contacted me offering to donate all of her son’s equipment, we even had sisters offering to hold a fundraiser….with all the wonderful donations, we need a shed to hold the equipment and his daily care supplies in and then we can lock up everything.

We are so touched and honored that so many people want to help.

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