Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ever been so happy.....

you thought you'd explode????? After a 3yr battle with the state's Medical Assistance program, I finally got physical therapy APPROVED. And they re-approved occupational therapy (see you soon Jason), Speech (of course) needed more information but it's an easy fix.

I'm so happy!!!! I can't stop crying lol

OUR little buddy is going to show everyone who he's made of!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you everyone for believing in him enough to keep coming back.

Caradie and Corbin


Amy said...

So glad to hear this. I loved watching all Corb's videos. I loved the dancing. He was just about to boogie out of your lap there. He looks so strong. I could tell her enjoying trying to propel himself quickly to the sides, and I loved the backwards dip at the end. He is so funny. His reaching is way amazing! Man he is so much looser. GO MOMMY and Corbin. He is so funny and smart. I could tell that Mailbox freaked him. Kids are so funny like that. So glad he is feeling back to himself. Just had to check in on y'all.

nanci bogan said...

Sooooo glad to hear that the therapy has been approved!! He is getting so big! I loved the videos as usual. Cute how you got the dog to go across his lap like that!