Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Under Quarantine

Austin is sick YUCK!!!!

Needless to say Noah is very excited he gets to camp out down stairs on the couch for tonight so he's not near Austin. We fed Austin super and snack in bed and his door is shut LOL And Corbin's room's curtains are shut, with the Lysol-spray in and spray out and hand sanitizer-form in and form outright there. Baby can't get sick. I'm already a little worried he doesn't really want to eat, he just does and he has been crying a lot more but I have also been gone a lot. I have been coughing for 3 months, I have been on and tried everything the doctors have told me to try and as of yet nothing has stopped the cough. I had a CT scan, I have sinusitis on top of the already bronchitis. Oh and to top it all off with all the coughing I have hurt my left rib cage BADLY. Like move just a little to much and squeak in pain (and still have to lift and move a 40# baby and a 62.5# wheelchair) OMG, my cat feel off the window and scared to BEEP out of me lol but I jumped so hard it felt like they all just broke, sucked!!! lol. We gotta get better he finally gets to get out of the house, with all of the other illness's and surgeries we were kinda cooped up for months.

Wish us luck to miss the H1N1.

Caradie and Corbin


Anonymous said...

i can tell you the h1n1 sucks i was out with it for a few days it wansnt fun but if theres no fever then there's no h1n1 cdc has a list of the symptoms but its pretty much a cold with a fever thats all

-Jordan Anderson

nanci said...

OH NO!! I am so sorry that you have been so sick and so sore, Caradie!! No fun trying to take care of someone while in pain. Sorry to hear that Austin is sick now.......I'd rather see him out front in his costume trying to get beeps! That was so cute.....hope everyone is better soon!!

Anonymous said...

Praying Austin feels better and that you get over your cough,I had mine for 3 months on the dot. I never went to the doctor but almost certain I had punemonia, oh well I lived through it all. Anywho,just wanting to wish you all well and tell ya to give Corbie a hug from me. take care ~Darlene