Thursday, October 8, 2009

Not myself and black eye

So obviously you all may have noticed I have not been myself for quite some time now. A friend had said a while ago (Hi Liz), it's been a rough year for you guys huh? and really it's has been, it's been nothing but hospitals, surgeries, family issues, loosing two different workers that we all became very close to, no therapy, no makeover, still only being on the “list” for a waiver program, negative people (thank you), no physical support (all of you guys (well most) are such great supporters here) and then school almost pushed me over the top.

Well today when I walked into my shrinks office, she looked me right in the eye and said OMG your back. What did you do? I told her, I'm keeping my kid.

I have been seeing this same lady on and off for over 10 years (they only have to keep records for 10 yrs lol). She told me she has never seen me so devastated as she did last week. I know, I know some of you say get over it but the moment I decided I wasn't sending Corbin to school anymore, the weight of the world lifted off my shoulders and amazing things had already started to fall into place. I got a letter last week, Corbin's name came up for the next spot on the waiver program. He gets $3,000 a year to use for equipment, educational items, YMCA pass for the family, plus some other things. Then on Monday I called our medical assistance member services to ask how the PA's were going for therapy services and the guy said it looked like one for muscle retaining (PT) was approved, I freaked inside LOL, I calmly called the therapy center but sadly she hadn't gotten anything yet. But... the next day she called me and said yeah!!! OT was approved. He's already scheduled for 2x next week. Nothing about PT though but I'm hoping that got approved too and it just hasn't gotten to them yet. I have been fighting the state for 2 years to provide him with therapy services. 2 long years, he might have progressed even more if I actually had professional therapists helping me. Sorry I'm bit bitter that my poorness made me have to give up on my child. Noah came home one day from a friends house crying telling me that the friend's dad said maybe if your mom would get a job (to my 11 year old mind you). A day in the life of me over these past 5 years, unsure when a job would have fit in. But anyway back to the awesome news. Oh yeah I did say I wasn't sending Corb to school anymore, didn't I? I e-mailed his teacher, principal and the special education director, explaining I would no long be sending Corbin to school. I asked about homebound but that doesn't look likely. OK so now I know here even the not negative people are going to say he needs school for the socialization. Well before I made this huge decision to keep Corb home, I of course thought of that. And well Corb is the most social kid I know, ok maybe it won't be with his peers but WOW do the college girls go crazy over him. Speaking of college....YEAH we get to go back to UMD speech next week and in Feb we will go to CSS for OT. Now that we will have a Y pass Corb can also go to the little kids swim class again. Also I contacted Head Start to see if since he's only 5 and doesn't “have” to go to kindergarten, could he come back to school there. I have the application, stopping tomorrow to turn it in. On my way to a friend's house.

This gets me to my last exciting news. A local on-line supporter, a mom (my new friend Hi Paulette) of a kiddo like Corb and one of our past workers are going to help me have a “Not So Extreme MakeOver” Fundraising Weekend For Corbin Lee Fritze.

There are no finalized details but here's the rough draft.....

PS besides Corbin's black eye he has been great. Tummy issues still but crazy hyper, so funny and sleeping great.


Caradie and Corbin


Rebecca said...

Dear Caradie,
I am so glad things are finally happening for you. You do so much for your family, especially for Corbin. I just wanted to let you know if anyone deserves help, it's definetly you. Caradie your not only a great person, but a very loving mother. It's nice to hear things are finally looking positive for you. Keep your head high, and don't let anyone get you down.

Dottie said...

I'm really glad that you are finally going to get some help with Corbie. You are a real angel in my book taking care of all his needs by yourself. Just know that I love the little guy and only wish the best for him.