Sunday, August 16, 2009

I have been “still” working very hard to get Corb therapy and since MA has been jerking around the therapy center for so long the therapists need to do evaluations over again UGH So Wednesday Corb had evaluations with PT and ST. He was a very good boy for the PT but I have a cute little story about something that happened in the ST evaluation. The therapist was asking him to look at different things and he tends to smile and giggle about everything so it's hard to know if he means YES but he did something I have never "ever" seen him do before she asked him to look at me, he gave big smiles but was so excited he couldn't quite do it but then she asked him is that your momma, pointing at the other person in the room and the look on his face was amazing, he had this shocked, odd look and looked over at the person and just stared at her and the therapist asked again is that your momma and he didn't react at all but when the therapist said again wheres momma he gave a huge smile and giggled and looked right at me. I just couldn't believe he understood and reacted that way. It was definitely a NO answer. Things kinda feel like they have plateaued (I'm only one person UGH) But he makes me more proud everyday anyway.

Caradie and Corbin


nanci said...

How cute!! I can just see Corb doing that!!

Anonymous said...


CUTE!! You BECHA Corbin knows who his mamma is!!

You have EVERY bragging right to be ONE PROUD MAMMA!!!! Because....I'm so proud of you and for what you do........!!!!

Love, Dawn Van Camp