Thursday, August 13, 2009

Movin on

Well only one person ever contacted me about helping the other families so I guess it's just time to move on with life.

Corb starts school in about 19 days UGH!!! I'm trying to get excited :-D

We have one PCW that we love so that has been helpful, after school starts she will be here from about 3:30-8:30. This will be a great break for me as shes very good at doing his exercises even without me.

Austin is sick with something else now, he has been running a temp of 101 for a few days. I brought him in last night she thinks strep but the quick test was negative so she's pumping him full of ibuprofen for now. If the 24 hour test shows he has it, then he will need antibiotics too. GREAT I better not get it too lol I'm still hacking bad. I don't need a soar throat too. Corb has still been fine. Thank goodness.

Have a great day. I'm hoping too, a little friend (like Corb but from birth) we met at UMD speech, invited us out to their little hobby farm to meet the animals and to hang out. It should be fun.

One more thing, no doggy. He liked cats to much. He tried to lick/taste lol the little kitten we tested him with and then when I brought him by a cat cage and when the cat flipped out he jumped up on the cage barking. So he isn't right for our house but we are going to go visit him because he's a great calm dog for Corb to at least pet.

Caradie and Corbin


nanci said...

We had a dog like that that tried to EAT cats, he didn't last long here. My daughters love cats. Our dog now will "mother" kittens. When my daughter brought home kittens that needed hand feeding he loved those kittens! He would keep them in the room and let them sleep on him and more, too gross to write here. I hope everyone feels better soon! I am glad that Corbin isn't sick this time tho!! Give him a kiss from me...wish I could see him myself!!

Anonymous said...

would it have help to have said what you wanted to do as far as helping other families? Usually people want to know "WHAT" you are thinking.