Friday, June 26, 2009

Corb is very sick

The whole story....Monday Corb vomited any time he was awake. Around 6pm with no letting up, thinking maybe he had the tummy flu and was now a bit dehydrated, I decided it was time to get him to the ER for some IV fluids and the IV form of an anti-nausea med. We went home late and he (we) slept almost all day Tuesday with no vomiting. Wednesday and Thursday still no vomiting, (he even seemed to be pepping up a little bit) this whole time he has been very lethargic, no interest, no smiles, whines, moans, screams and then this morning YIPPIE the vomiting started again bad.

So this time I decided maybe I needed to look into it being his Baclofen pump so I called that Dr's nurse and after speaking with many different nurses we all came to the conclusion to just bring Corb back to the ER. Although his pump Dr. didn't think it had anything to do with the vomiting, he wanted the pump turned down by 10% anyway and he was in the cities doing outreach so he couldn't do it. So off to the ER again, they started another IV fluids and gave him more anti-nausea meds. We got the pump turned up and his tummy calmed down, we came right home and I started his tube feeding very slowing trying to keep his tummy a little full, all the time so he don't feel hungry and want to vomit more. And with his tummy calmed down he will then be able to keep down the liquid form of the anti-nausea. Keeping my fingers crossed anyway hoping this works because he's still very lethargic and seems so not Corb, I'm scared out of my mind.

Caradie and Corbin


nanci bogan said...

It is so heartbreaking when your kids are sick! Caradie, are you giving Corbin formula?? If he vomits the formula and aspirates it,he could become sicker. Could you give him pedialyte or gatorade to keep him hydrated? That would also be "easier" on his tummy. What did they do for you at the ER?? Seems like they should have done labs to check for an infection, x-ray to check for pneumonia, urinalysis to check for a UTI. Just because he is vomiting, doesn't necessarily mean stomach bug...could be from something else like I listed here. Any fever?? If you are wondering, I am a RN. I am still praying....

Rebecca said...

Oh my sweet boy Corbie I was hoping you were on the up swing of feeling better. I am so sorry you have a tummy ache because they aren't fun. Hope you start to feel better honey and I'll check on you later.

Anonymous said...

Amy Vinson knows alot about the pump. She used to work for the company who makes them. You might want to email her. I also agree with your friend about the UTI. Hannah vomits when she gets one. Sending prayers and hugs for Corbin and his momma! Donna (mom to Hannah aka Princess of the Universe)

westcoast said...

come on corb stop being sick please hope u get better very soon lots of loves kisses from Cameron Barry

Anonymous said...

I will be keeping you both in my prayers! Hope that Corb is feeling better soon!

In Christ's love,