Saturday, June 18, 2011

Me and Corb's aquarium trip

Corbin and I went on a trip to the aquarium all by ourselves, Austin isn't ever home, Daddy is super busy with finals and Noah just didn't feel like going.

We had tons of fun hanging out together

This is actually the last picture....he started complaining so we headed out.

He was shocked when I told him to turn to look at the bear.

Watching the kids instead of looking at me lol

Brown duck

Diving duck

Very large moose

He did amazing, he was even tracking the fish.

This trip was so much better then the first one....I think now that I know why he's always so stressed out it's easier to keep him calm....I think being off the Dystonia medication has made more improvements then being on it.

I love my lil buddy

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Sarah M. said...

Super cool pics! Glad he had a good time.