Sunday, February 21, 2010

Watch out here come the videos lol

Hi Faithful Followers, Well I hope there is any of you left out there lol

Sorry it's been so long again. Theres just been so much going on, it's hard to even take a moment to sit down, let alone try to update. And finding the right the words to explain things, takes way to much time and thought and energy lol And at this point I really can't take to much more to think about LOL

Fundraiser update: Coming soon....we're looking for volunteers and donations, you can contact us by phone, text or e-mail My # 218-341-3797 Sarah's # 218-213-6387 or at

Corbin's update: Corb is amazing!!! I still am in awe. The emotions that go along with this HUGE step are very very overwhelming. Could you ever believe the little word "no" the one we wish our "normal" kid would have never learned lol has opened up EVERYTHING. I mean I can (in Corb's world) hold a conversation where he's the one actually making the choices he wants, it's not me just knowing what he would want. Oh ya did anyone every say Corb loves his momma lol well he tells me yes all the time now. He says yes for kisses too Yeah me! Also Corb has so much more control over his arms and he's working towards the hands too. Oh yeah guess what Corbin Lee has decieded to show us he knows how to do, he turns pages of books and in the flap books he even knows to look for the flaps so he can help flip them :-) I'm so proud of my little dude. There's so much more I could talk about but I think I will just leave it at that for now. lol The videos and pics will say a lot anyway lol and theres a LOT. Links at the bottom.....

PCW update: YEAH me! Our Sarah is back. Sarah is amazing with Corb, she's his g/f lol She works here with Corb Mon-Thu for an hour in the evening and all 7 hours Fri's and every other weekend. Jenny is his other, every other weekend aide. She's been with us for about a year and a half. She's also so great with him.

Jak update: Jak is about 23 wks. He is going to be a very big dog! He has naughty puppy behaivors lol but he's a really smart boy. He loves Corb, treats, the treadmill and snow lol He is pretty good with Corb but he's rather hyper now so he don't get to sit with Corb as much but when he's being calm he lays right with Corb. I'm working on teaching him to pick up Corb's toys and put them back on his tray. Well he's willing to pick them up just fine lol but I have to help, well make him let go still. For the most part he's house trained, he has accidents but it's always because I wasn't paying enough attenion opps. Don't get me wrong I'm so very happy we got Jak Jak but OMG I said no puppy lol Wait until you see the video of my floor, you'll understand why. Little Sh--!! lol

Waiver update: We are holding off on the bathroom until after the fundraiser. There are a lot of rules and stipulations for using the funds to remodle a house. One of which is you can only use the funds to modify. We need to add on, fix the foundanation and theres some other work that needs to be done first. So for right now we're going to just use some of the funds for massage therapy, that paperwork is almost done. I found a nice lady here in Superior so as soon as I get the OK I will go meet with her and decied from there. I also asked for cranio sceral but because theres no proven medial evidence they weren't able approve that but the dude told my lady that if we get some rescrech documents they will reconcider. She's also working on finding out if we can use the funds for therapies since we're having such a hard time with MA hence the next update.....

Therapy update: (I may have explained this already) In our state if you want something like therapy, you have to send in a PA prior autherization. The state has therapists that approve, ask for more information or deny services and things like equiptment. Well as many of you may remember I have been fighting since Corb turned 3 to get him therapy. He turns 6 yrs old in 10 days. I'm not even sure if I have updated that he did finally get approved for ST but only for feeding therapy....He don't need to communicate, I guess. And now that ran out too, so we have to wait for a new PA to go threw. Hopefully they won't dick around to long. And you all know he has Jason for OT, his time limit hasn't ran out yet, thank goodness at least its something. And still NOTHING for PT. I'm so ticked off! For all these years I was told that the reason he hasn't gotten approved was because the state kept sending the PA's back and forth, asking for more info or that things weren't coded right but infact this isn't correct. I actually got to speak to the PT rep from the Wisconsin medical assistance in Madison WI and she explained to me that the only hold up is that the person responible for sending the PA's back and forth does NOT get the PA's back to the state within the time limit, in WI you only get 30 days to responde back to the state or the PA has to start all over again and again nothing was ever sent back fast enough. I'm so angry that the freakin problem is bleep bleeping paperwork UGH!!! Needless to say on Mar 2nd he's having a new PT eval and then shortly there after I'm setting up a meeting with the therapist, the manager (what ever she is) myself and Sarah, to go over EVERYthing together BEFORE the PA lady gets to send it off to the state this time. I again, mind you have the 3 doctors letters of recomdation that the PA lady has sent in before. She never sent any of them in at the same time as a PA, so who knows if the right person even got it. BUT......This time EVERYTHING will be sent at the same time. The state lady also let me give her number to the therapist and said I could even call her back if I needed more help too. She sounds kinda cranky but I can't even imagine how horrible of a job that must be. Having desprate moms calling begging her to approve something that by law she can't because it isn't right. I told this lady, it just isn't fair the boy just had a baclofen pump put in and he should have been getting intense therapy this whole time and she said I know!!! I WILL dog them everyday to check if the PA came back for more info and if it does I will DOG them to get their sh%& back in the 30 DAYS too. Can ya tell this pisses me off!!! lol He has the rights to recieve therapy, I will not give in. He deservs this fight. I WILL get him theapy!!!!!!!!!!

Pics and videos update: For some reason I can't get my dropshots to upload anything so I have just put all the pics and videos into a few montagues on OneTrueMedia. Some are kinda long. Some are kinda boring and Some, I'm VERY annoying lol And in some it seems like I'm teasing him....please know that I don't just keep asking him the same questions over and over like I do in some of the videos, I only did it to show how much he's really understanding. Enjoy....

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Amy said...

You guys rock! Corbin is amazing! He is doing so dang well. This is so very exciting. I love seeing you guys in action. You all have so much fun. His arms are amazing. He is so very smart.

I cannot get over how good Jak is around Corbin, and that Corbin is not afraid of him at all. Jak was a very good idea. I loved the one video where Corbin's hands were open and he was petting Jak. It was so sweet. Corbin is so much looser than he used to be.

Go Corbin!

Thanks for all the videos. It was big fun watching them.

Keep them coming.

Plus, I am glad your hands are doing better. I know you must be relieved.
You guys are awesome.
Amy and Emma