Sunday, May 3, 2009

First Circus

Corb was to young to bring him to the circus before his accident and since his accident I didn't feel he could handle something like that but I decided it was time to try.

Me, Austin, Noah, Corbin, Sarah and Jackson. (Shhhh she's Corbin's PCW and her 17month old son) went to the Circus today. It turned out to be a GREAT try. Besides right when it started he did amazing.

When they first started they turned off the lights and started talking at the same time, that scared him pretty bad but he didn't cry. Other then that the only time he jumped was when the popcorn/peanut, ect. people came by. A toy guy noticed that he scared Corb and he bent down and asked me, would he like one of these and he gave Corb a light up toy. I almost teared up :-)

He watched a lot of the acts. If he started to loose interest I would just ask him to look at “what ever” (he liked the elephants the most) he would look right away. He was really bored though LOL. It was boring, so boring Jackson fell asleep for over half of it LOL

After the show Sarah just came back to the house and started early. While she was working with Corb I was playing Jackson and Austin said you play with her kid more then your own (I know he didn't mean it) but oh my goodness did that break my heart, I ran to the bathroom crying. I pulled myself together and then as soon as Austin seen me he asked what's the matter mom and I tried to say lets not talk about it and I lost it again UGH!!! I haven't cried about Corb in a very long time but WHOA that was harder then I thought. Playing with a toddler made me miss Corbin in away but I really don't remember him anyway.

After they left I laid by him telling him how much I loved him, tears rolling and he was just looking and looking at me, I think he understood I was sad.

I have a few videos to add on dropshots but it's getting late so I will upload them tomorrow.

Caradie and Corbin


Amanda Skogman said...

awwww he looks like he had fun.

Bud said...

I think he really loved it!

In Christ's love,