Thursday, April 23, 2009

So much to update about.

I don't even know where to begin, I just know I'm so proud of Corb for trying so hard & being such a good boy through all this.

Since the pump he has been doing a few different things.

He has been making different sounds while “goober” talking & laughing.

He's sitting very well, many seconds without help.

While on his tummy, some of the time, he's able to bring both arms forward. Not over his head YET

He has been able to reach for things better, him & I have learned how he has to do it while sitting in his feeding chair, he draws his arm back, opens his hand & when he brings his arm forward to reach for something, he sometimes makes open hand contact but he always touches it. He was playing with play-doh & soft toys & he was able to grab them many times, he even picked up a bear.

He also has walked down the alley two different times this last week & he ROCKED at it. I never thought he would be able to use the walker we have anymore because of the way it's designed but it works fine. He was taking many steps before he would stop, get stiff & then hop but it was very fun. We walked down to meet the new neighbors. They have a large slab of concrete so I unlocked the wheels from going straight & he walked all over. He doesn't like know how steer but he got all over. I would just make sure he didn't run into one of the million kids that were there (she has a day care) lol

Tuesday while his teacher was here, when he was done playing, I sat him on the couch (I didn't turn his shows on) & I sat at the table with his teacher, well he's a bit spoiled LOL he starting huffing, then when I got up to grab something & sat back down at the table, I broke his heart, he got upset, got the boo boo lip (I normally would have run to him but I wanted to show his teacher his reaction) but he didn't lose it, he just had a few tears run down his little cheeks. He has NEVER done that before, if he gets the boo boo lip he's going to completely lose it. She said it's just amazing how he showed a different emotion. Her noticing that & pointing it out, made me feel great. It's so great when others notice the changes too.

Corb has learned to blow, it's VERY funny. When I put my finger or the toothbrush in his mouth,
he closes his lips around it like he's going to suck (he does that too) but now he blows too. My laptop is out of memory so I haven't been able to take many videos, but I'm going to try to get that one, it's just cracks me up every time & I show everyone lol Bill asked me the other day, you sure are amusing your self, aren't you LOL Sure was!!!

He has been doing way better with eating, he's actually taking bits, before you kinda just shoved it in when his mouth was open, now he waits for the bit, also we have been trying to do some baby foods that he has to chew & he's been doing ok with it. Still scares the sh!# out of me though. His drinking is so much better too, he loves his chocy milk. He finds it right away now.
He seems to be understanding more “cue words” like, head back, head up, bend, push straight, wait & when he reaches for something I tell him, put your arm way back & open. I really think he's catching on, since he has better control over his own body. The dose needs to be increased more to really tell how well the pump is working but I can really say for sure it was the right choice!!!!

The wheelchair guy took measurements last week & Corb gets his new chair Tuesday. YEAH!!! Then in a few weeks we will get a Dynavox eye gaze system to try for four weeks.

It has taken to me two days to write this, I can't believe I haven't went crazy yet LOL (it will be 4yrs in a month) I just never imagined my life would be like this, I have so much to take care of & to think about. A marriage, a boy with Aspergers, a boy not doing so great in school, a Corbie kind of child, all the things that come along with special needs like wheelchair, therapies, doctors, medications, the huge pump in him & to top it all off I have three – four other adults to manage (his PCWs) don't get my wrong, I wouldn't give it up for the world but UGH!!! oh and my shrink wants me to start leaving the house for a couple hours, a day a few days a week, without anyone.

Caradie and Corbin


Anonymous said...

It sounds like Corbin is doing awesome!!!!! I am thrilled!!!!!!! Love, Donna (mom to Hannah aka Princess of the Universe)

Anonymous said...

Awesome work Corbie! Caradie, i agree,you do deserve a break to ur self once in awhile.~Darlene

Luke's Mom said...

Way to go Corbin! Or should I say way to go Caradie, we know that Mom does most of the work in getting our children to progress.


Amy said...

Yay Corbie and Mommy! Wow, what an explosion of progress! The reaching is awesome. Good work guys!