Saturday, July 26, 2008

Corbin having a bad evening

Hi everyone, I wanted to share one of Corbie's cries.

He has many different sounds, crying, facial expressions & body language for different meaning. This cry is momma you were gone to much today DON'T lay me down, I need you momma. I'm so proud of his that he understand so much & has needs & wants. But BOT OH BOY is he spoiled. Yesterday after I helped Lisa (one of Corbie's PCW's) get set up for massage, I walked away & he whined, I came back & said why are you whining & well I forgot to turn the TV on. He was letting me know HEY!!! my TV please.

I'm really excited about this new way to keep you all informed. Everything is all in one place. Being able to add the pictures & video to where I can talk about what they are too, is AWESOME.

I will still update on too until I figure out how to send out e-mail alerts when I update.

I hope you enjoy Corbie's new site & leave a comment on the guestbook when ever you like. We love hearing from you. Feel free to e-mail any of us, the boys would love to get an e-mail.

Thank you everyone for continuing to follow my sweet boy's progress. It means a lot to us.


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